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Developing an Entrepreneurship Game for Teaching and Research

Authors Murray Low, S. Venkataraman and V. Srivatsan research the idea that a serious entrepreneurship game that is based on solid theory has significant potential to inform entrepreneurship research and enhance classroom experiences.

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InEcVet: Innovation Ecosystems for VET

“InEcVET: Innovation Ecosystems for VET” is a two-year project starting from the 1st of November 2015 until the 31st of October 2017. This project was financed by European Union’s Erasmus+ Program (Key Action 3: Support for policy reform - Forward Looking Cooperation Projects, ref. no.: 562126-EPP-1-2015-1-IE-EPPKA3-PI-FORWARD). The partners of the project came from 10 different institutions from 5 EU countries (Cyprus, Ireland, Romania, Portugal, and Finland).

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Social Innovation Fund organized EntrInnO Multiplying event

2017.06.28 at the Social Innovation Fund premises a Multiplying event of EntrInno project  was done. 25 participants gathered to get to know more about peoject, its results, innovative entrepreneurship education tools.

Participants were introduced about project in general, first of all a presentation of its purpose and also results of project and later with the EnrtInno game.

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EntrInnO pilot implementation with stakeholders’ representatives group in Lithuania Kaunas

2017.06.27 at the Kaunas Colleague of Technology premises a testing of the EntrInno game was done with 8 stakeholders’ group representatives.

Representatives were mainly lecturers of colleague and they were introduced with the EnrtInno game and also about project in general – first of all a short presentation of its purpose and development was made and then some time for individual exploration was given.

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Five Game Changing Skills every young Entrepreneur can master

Mike Taylor, the author of this article presents and analyzes five life changing skills every young would be Entrepreneur can master and facilitate a big change in their life.  The basic notion is that the expectations set by the community that it is easy to be a successful super star entrepreneur is false.  The author presents to the readers a truth proposition where he outlines that to become a successful entrepreneur one has to work hard, make sacrifices, and never quitting. 

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Designing a Course for Stimulating Entrepreneurship in Higher Education through Serious Games

An interesting paper authored by F. Bellotti, R. Berta, A. DeGloria, E. Lavagnino, F. Dagnino, M. Ott, M. Romero, M. Usart and I.S. Mayer.  The article negotiates the field of serious games designed to stimulate entrepreneurship in higher education.

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