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The Impact of SimVenture on the Development of Entrepreneurial Skills in Management Students

Author Dina Williams contacted this study with a purpose to bridge a gap in our understanding of the role business simulation games can play in the development of entrepreneurial capabilities in undergraduate students. While entrepreneurship education has come a long way from being a branch of business and management studies, to its current status as a core discipline in its own right, the debate on the pedagogy of entrepreneurship education continues. The best results in entrepreneurship education are achieved when students are exposed to action-oriented experiential learning that encourages problem-solving, creativity and peer evaluation. Game-based learning is an emerging pedagogy that brings together the evolving nature of young learners and experiential learning. Grounded in the theory of experiential learning and action research methodology, this study investigates how a particular business simulation game, SimVenture, develops not only students' business and management skills but also their entrepreneurial attitude and values. The findings suggest that the business simulation allowed students to face their limitations, overcome some of them and make significant progress in their learning. Using SimVenture improved students' appreciation of business in general and the challenges entrepreneurs have to face in running a business.

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A Game Based Learning Model for Entrepreneurship Education

An interesting paper by Dario La Guardia, Manuel Gentile, Valentina Dal Grande, Simona Ottaviano and Mario Allegra that addresses the issue of game based learning models for entrepreneurship education.

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Video: Gamifying Education

Take a look at entire series of episodes on how to apply gamification to teachers work in detail.

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Specific Ideas To Gamify Your Classroom

This article provides useful information on how to apply gamification method in classrooms. Author gives 10 specific ideas in order to do so. EntrInno might make a huge impact in doing it as a tool created with high standards.

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Epic Fail or Win? Gamifying Learning in My Classroom

Story of Liz Kolb, Professor in Teacher Education at the University of Michigan. In her blog she writes about the way she applied the gamification to her teaching methods and provides feedback on what she succeeded and on what failed.

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EntrInnO pilot implementation with target group in Lithuania Kaunas

2017.07.13 at the Social Innovation Fund premises a testing of the EntrInno game was done with target group representatives.

Young adults were introduced with the EnrtInno game and also about project in general – first of all a short presentation of its purpose and development was made and then some time for individual exploration was given.

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