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EntrInnO Gap Analysis Report in Lithuania

Social Innovation Fund took part and conducted a review of the literature and gather data from target groups and stakeholders in order to define the needs and effectively address them. The goal of this report was to compare existing products with the desired product of the EntrInnO project.

Some usefull information about situation in Lithuania that were found during research:

As entrepreneurship is becoming more popular there have been many contest for young entrepreuners:

  • Creative Shock – global social business case competition;
  • „Verslauk!“ – national business plan contest, encouraging young people to start business;
  • Young Entrepreneur Competition by Lithuanian Innovative Vocational Education Institutions Association;
  • lt ,– for schoolchildren;


  • “BZN Start”;
  • “Creazone” and many more funded by European Union.


  • European Innovation Center (
  • Panevėžys Busines Advisory Centre (
  • Verslumo skatinimo akademija (

Some organisations are giving attention to entrepreneurship promotion for women:

  • SIF – takes action in mentoring, consulting, toolbox platform creation;
  • Kaunas Women employment centre;
  • „Išmani moteris“;
  • Women’s activity centre in Marijampole county (;
  • Kretinga women’s information and training centre (;
  • Jurbarkas women information and employment centre.

Over the past couple of years interest in business was tremendous - last fall "Enterprise Lithuania" organized an event on entrepreneurship4 and had 46 thousand direct or online visitors.