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Fighting isolation in the digital world

The 2017 Basic Digital Skills report suggests that in the UK, at least 3% of young people aged 15 to 24 are being left behind when it comes to digital skills. Far from being alarming, this data translates in increased social inequalities for the left behind, opening space for an intervention lead by CSR initiatives of tech companies. These initiatives are generally addressing the needs of young people who have support and motivation to take part. What about those that have no motivation neither support to acquire digital skills? How to reach out and help these tech-vulnerable young people?

A support programme has being developed and placed in practice. The programme makes use of the outreach of youth workers and youth focused organisations in order to provide services.

The idea of linking up digital skills training and youth work is based on the assumption that youth workers and youth organisations are better equipped to understand the challenges and the systemic factors that stop there young people from acquiring digital skills. This allows a better service provision, tailored to the needs of the users.

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