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Which entrepreneurship skills “play” best?

Part of the value of being an entrepreneur is the depth of impact one can make in the market, but also the breadth of development and expansion entrepreneurial practices can bring along. These are important components of success within a context, whether your business provides services or products. However, not all businesses are successful. We can all think of at least one example of two companies with similar services or products where one ends ups being successful and one fails. What would be the reason behind those endings? Is it the context? Is it just luck? Or is it the fact that the owners exploited particular skills towards their business’s success?

Undoubtedly, a good entrepreneur has certain skills. Those skills are not fixed – each article defines different skills as important. In some articles, 5 skills are important, in others, 8, or even 17! The conclusion? Different skills are important in different contexts. But are there universal entrepreneurship skills that one should demonstrate? The EntrInnO partners believe so. Skills such as collaboration, networking, decision-making, goal setting, strategic visioning, communication, time management, and problem solving are some of the skills that set the foundation for development and successful establishment of an entrepreneur.

The EntrInnO game aims to base its designs on skills like these and expand them through cases that require particular actions, through tasks that require an open and creative mind to be solved, and through virtual social events that will enable participants to effectively communicate, share ideas and provide feedback and ratings. The consortium is about to start thinking of the game designs, which will be finalized at our upcoming partner meeting. Stay tuned for updates on our progress!

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