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EntrInnO Gap Analysis Report in partner countries

For most projects, before starting to work on the content, partners conduct a review of the literature and gather data from target groups and stakeholders in order to define the needs and effectively address them. The goal of this report is to compare existing products with the desired product of the EntrInnO project. It intends to maximize the impact of the project deliverables in order to achieve the proposed results or exceed them. Moreover, its objective is to identify possible gaps between the existing products and the potential products.

For EntrInnO, partners from Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Malta, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and the UK conducted literature reviews to investigate the different policies, found statistical data about the state of entrepreneurship in their country, and described practices and initiatives around innovation and entrepreneurship. Part of this search was also the collection of existing games related to entrepreneurship, to be studied as examples and find important and useful elements that will later on inform the design of the EntrInnO project.

Partners also conducted focus groups, with two types of participants: EU citizens, aged18-35 and stakeholders, such as business people, university professors, game experts, policy makers, etc. All focus groups followed the same structure, in order to maintain consistency in the data collection, and provide the same descriptions and analysis. Data were also gathered through online questionnaires that were sent to young adults in each partner country (at least 30 questionnaires for each country).

The results from this work is to produce 8 national and 1 EU EntrInnO State of the Art and Gap Analysis Reports. The particular reports will also be compiled into one, Transnational State of the Art and Gap Analysis Report, which will provide an overview of the national and EU state of the art and gap analysis and provide specific suggestions, comments and feedback on the development of the EntrInnO online game, in terms of content, design and technological infrastructure.

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